Tiptop Proprietor Lilia becomes Provincial Distributor of Ayesha’s Beauty Products for Eastern Samar

We’re very excited to announce that Lilia Gladwin has entered into yet another business venture! When Lilia isn’t running her burgeoning property empire and looking after her wonderful guests that come to stay with us. She is pursuing new business interests.

Recently Lilia was granted the provincial distribution rights to her home province of Easter Samar and will be appointing city distributors and resellers for the fantastic Ayesha’s Beauty Products! Not bad for a hometown girl. If you’re interested in the products, or in the distributorship, get in touch with Lilia for more.

As part of the grant Lilia was invited to Ayesha’s Beauty Products function and had the privilege of meeting the fantastic and hugely talented Gino Padilla to celebrate the event. Gino the multi-awarded singer-songwriter and record producer has had a glittering career in music and in acting. A true gentleman, Gino is always welcome at Tiptop!