About Us

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For 14 years the Gladwin family, led by Lilia Gladwin have owned and operated some of the most popular and successful transient properties in Baguio City under the Tiptop Vacation Homes brand.

With our vast network of high quality properties for great prices we know how to treat and look after visitors to our wonderful city of pines. We have had all sorts of guests visit us and return again and again, we put this down to our great hospitality and fantastically positioned accommodation for big groups to stay with the privacy and convenience of self catering.

Staying at our fully self catering properties gives you fantastic freedom to explore Baguio and entertain guests, with unparalleled views in high spec transient accommodation during your stay in Baguio. Looking for Baguio hotels? You’re better off in a transient house in Baguio.

We were delighted to have Alex Compton, Retired PBA player and Alaska head coach stay at Tiptop in 2019.
Outlook Residences is popular for its restaurant and views