Baguio City Weather

Baguio weather is warm in the summer, though on average 10 degrees C cooler than Metro Manila, and the mountain elevation makes Baguio as cool outdoors as air conditioning for much of the year. Indeed, our 6 year old daughter on first introduction to Baguio in 2005 was very excited to run indoors saying “mummy, they have air-con outside!’

A lot of people think you’ll need a fan in the wet season but you really won’t. It’s the place that people from Manila escape to when it’s too hot. In fact that is why the US Government originally chose it for a military base – to give troops a more pleasant environment in the peak of summer.

Below you’ll see a Baguio City weather forecast for Baguio updated hourly and showing weather forecasts for the next 5 days to help give you an idea of what the weather is like in Baguio. Courtesy of world weather online.